Real-time interactive polls and quizzes are a great tool for feedback on the spot. They allow you to ask the opinion of your audience or customers at any time. If you do this you send out the right message; your audience feels heard and noticed that their opinion matters. And that is we call “Gamified Presentation!”

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More value from your presentations! Involve your audience individually, interactive and real-time. Achieve more effect by real-time testing the knowledge of the audience or by allowing them to influence trough their mobile phone.

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“Gamified Presentation” is making use of gaming and game technologies during presentations. The technology of iNTERACTi is based on the latest gameshow technology in the television world. Smartphones, tablets and laptops serve as an interactive extension of the presentation and act as the second screen for the presenter.

iNTERACTi  helps presenters to engage and motivate their audience in a modern way, and motivate and retain their attention.

With iNTERACTi a presenter may submit a poll or multimedia quiz question to the audience, who can then reply realtime directly via an HTML5 web app on their own smartphones. Results are real-time displayed on the presentation screen.

By adding points and the “time is up!” feature, and by turning on the leaderboard, the presenter simply adds the game factor to the quiz. Presentations are no longer bound to a specific location; with iNTERACTi, by sharing a simple link the audience can participate worldwide via the internet, Also a mobile device can be used as remote, to control presentation slides.

Real interaction

with your audience



iNTERACTi combines technology with creativity and effective tools. This allows more efficiently and easily creation of interactive presentations, games and game shows.

iNTERACTi offers several ways to create feedback: YES-NO questions, Fill-out questions, Photo questions, Mark questions or Voting. Additionally, you can choose how you want to show your audience the provided answers. Use for example, a bar chart, pie chart or a tag cloud.


Easily create online a unique interactive presentation, game show or game. Experience the endless possibilities in: Poll Creator: polling, market research, preferences and feedback wrists.

QuizCreator; multiple choice, yes-no questions, fill-out questions, Photo questions, Estimate and Mark questions and Slide Creator.

Create in no time professional looking presentations with slides and animations. You decide what the participants see on their smartphone and what is visible on the presentation screen.


Make a game of your presentation by adding scores to questions and by turning on the leader board. Make it even more exciting by switching on the “question timer”, so that participants are forced  answer the questions within a specified time.  Encourage your participants by sending “well done” messages to the screen of their mobile phone.


During or before the start of your presentation, you can invite your audience by sharing simply a URL, or share this QR code with them. This allows your audience to participate on the fly in your presentation. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can so easily participate without having to download an app. As an administrator you can see who participates real time


iNTERACTi makes presenting easier and more flexible! Connect your laptop to a projector, log in through the web interface and host your presentation live.

Timed slide control; Run your show automatically. Remote control; control your show remotely using an iPad or mobile phone. Interactive slide control; with one push on the select button you can chose the slide that you want to show.

You now have the ability to adapt your presentation to what is happening on the spot! Run anywhere; through the URL you present from anywhere with participants in the meeting room or remotely.


Through the HTML5 web app your audience can give you real-time response to questions via their smartphone or tablet.

Engage your audience actively and test real-time their knowledge or find out what people really think. Everything is possible, from serious propositions to entertaining picture questions. All answers can be displayed real-time in bar and pie charts, tag clouds, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

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Gamification does not only offers the opportunity to get the opinion of your audience and let them compete in a playfully way. At the same time gamification stimulates your audience to be more involved in your presentation. Research has also demonstrated that information is remembered easier and that their motivation and loyalty is increased.

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What is


1. Design

With the iNTERACTi-editor you can make slide shows. Slides  can include text, images or videos. Add quiz questions, poll questions or a timer to turn the slideshow into an interactive presentation or game.

3. Share

Once your show is hosted a participants URL is generated. You can then share this URL with your participants so they can log in to participate. You can easily share it via email, via share this or via a QR code.

2. Host

Just like a television programme, iNTERACTi is hosted as a real time, show. Your presentation is activated to “go live” When hosting is started, iNTERACTi produces 3 URLs. With the URL’s you can show and control your presentation, and invite participants to participate live.

4. Interact

Participants that are logged in can see slides, answer questions, provide live feedback and score points on their mobile. Results are shown live on screen in the form of graphs and a leader board. You can also control your presentation remotely via the internet.

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Want to find out what your audience really thinks? Ask them to trough iNTERACTi! Your audience will feel instantly heard and people realize that their opinion really matters.

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€ 25 per month

or € 12,50 per presentation


€ 50 per month

or € 25 per presentation


€ 100 per month

or € 50 per presentation


€ 250 per month

or € 150 per presentation

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Inform, inspire and activate your audience with iNTERACTi. Experience the countless possibilities of the new way of presenting and experience efficiency, through interactive presenting. These companies have already used iNTERACTi successfully for their presentations:

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iNTERACTi brings technology and creative concepts together and thus provides tools for interactive presentations. We know how you can best inform, inspire and activate an audience. Besides providing ready-to-use tools the professionals of iNTERACTi also provide advice and support for designing effective presentations. We also provide training in interactive presenting and organizing game shows to increase the involvement of the public. Curious about the positive impact that our tools will have on your presentation? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, coach, speaker, leader or teacher iNTERACTi offers customized solutions for each presentation.





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